One of our former South High Class of 1985 classmates is a Convicted Felon and did plead GUILTY to Securities Fraud in 1999.  From 1997 to 2007 ALL of the investors in his so called companies he started lost a total of One Million Dollars in money and property.  Among the investors was one of the members of this South High Class of 1985.  These are All TRUE FACTS. 

If you see Robert Courtney "Corty" Temple II at the next South Class Reunion please be aware of this info in case this person asks you to invest your hard earned money in yet another failed business of his. 

I wanted the other class members to be aware of this persons past and what he did to another member of the class so you wont lose your money too.

This Website has now moved to the a facebook page.  You can go to it by the link below. I had this page up for 11 years and I have decided to close it down so I hope you all enjoyed it while it was up. 

Yee Mar   
Website Administrator